The CargoObserver System is a GPS+GSM supported wireless sensor system used to track and monitor containers or assets. It can be fully parameterized and updated remotely to reflect the unique application needs. The basic system consists of the master telematics unit – MTU, including sensors and transmission elements. The extended system adds the internal sensor unit – SU, enabling additional monitoring points of temperature, humidity and intrusion detection.

Wireless gateways may be present at the customer site, container yards, stations or other key locations to avoid using the more costly GSM Network. If a gateway is present data is sent automatically over the gateway, otherwise GSM remains the fallback communication channel.

The outstanding features of CargoObserver are its modularity and a true energy self-sustaining operation without the need for recharging batteries for the full service interval of the container. This world leading lifetime of the overall system has been achieved by extensive research with Universities in low power dedicated hardware and software, highly optimized for the given application.