CargoObserver is a modular telematics unit with customized housing and functional variants depending on the needs of the application. With optional wireless sensors the system’s functionality can be extended further. The sensing and tracking device sends information over GSM for many years and is hence energy self-sufficient and maintenance free. The mission critical data is sent directly to a Web application or thanks to the open interfaces also to the IT system of the customer.

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Main Features


Environment Sensors

Temperature Sensor For temperature sensitive goods
Humidity Sensor For moisture sensitive goods
Dew Point Sensor For moisture sensitive goods (i.e. Corrosion Risk at steel products)
Intrusion Sensor Multisensor system to avoid false alarms (door open/close and intrusion)
Door Sensor Detects contactless opening and closing of door
3-D Acceleration Meter Detection of shocks, falling of containers or damaged tracks and rails

Sensor Alarm Management

Alarm Prioritization Different priorities can be set for alarms and other events
Alarm Rate Control The number of alarms reported in a certain period is configurable
Event and Alarm Logging Event log permanent storage for events and alarms

Movement Detection and Localization

Smart Move Detection GPS supported moving/standing decision based on significant position change
Position Logging Time/Way Position update logging after a certain movement time or distance
Geofencing Local list of geofencing points are analyzed and alarms may be generated

Notification Services

Moving/Standing Notification Reports movements and standing events
Position Notification Every n Km or t minutes a distance update can be sent
Alarm notification Include sensor and system alarms
Remote polling for data Can be sensor data or different logging data as well as position, sent via SMS

Local Wireless Interface

Alternative Path Notification Instead of using GSM data is sent over the local wireless interface
Wireless Security The local wireless interface is secured by a 128bit AES encryption


Adaptive Cost Control Automatically adabts quality of service to guarantee a certain cost limit
Delayed Communication Communication is delayed if no GSM is avaliable or for cost control

Remote Maintenance

Firmware Upgrade Update the firmware over the air
Fully Remotely Parametrizable The behaviour of the system can be configured remotely, sensors can be enabled or disabled


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