IT Solutions – Customer specific Design is our strength

Web Application and Cloud Server

The Container Management Server (COMA) contains a Database and sophisticated management software that is accessible by an intuitive and easy to used software frontend client that may be accessed via the web or a dedicated application. The software application can easily be included in existing management systems because of its open SOAP / XML – interfaces.
In the secure container management server cloud database runs the advanced management software that can be used from an intuitive web application via the Internet.
For OEM partners and system integrators, we also provide the data directly from our gateway to a remote 3th party portal or application.

Status and Alarm Management

The decision of sending a status or alarm event is taken directly at the CargoObserver unit, which analyses all sensor information before taking a decision. In this way frequent status updates and hence communication costs are avoided as well as power consumption is minimized. The alarm and status messages can be monitored by an easy to use dedicated application or web interface where alarm thresholds and timing parameters can be fully configured.
At CargoMon, instead of focusing on fixed products we always try to adapt our flexible platform to meet the customer needs. This starts from the telematics units with customized sensor interfaces and ends up with the Web frontend or Software Interface to the customers IT.

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