Power Efficiency

GSM / GPS Tracking Devices that do not rely on an external power supply open up new fields of applications. In contrast to externally powered devices additional maintenance may be necessary over the operating Lifetime of the device e.g. for changing batteries or recharging  the device. This would increase the maintenance costs massively and hence the total cost of ownership.

Why Power Efficiency Matters

Our extremly power efficient IoT devices limit these costs to an absolute minimum as they have a much longer battery life time then most other devices on the marked. So maintenance intevals not shorter than 10 years are feasible and can perfectly be planned with established maintenance cycles of the tracked assets. Despite of the power efficiency our devices deliver all data required for optimizing your processes.


  • Minimized TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • NO external power supply required
  • Maintenance intervals of up to 10 years
  • Easy mounting
  • Flexibility: device can be used on various assets
  • Reliable: Delivers all data required by your processes in time

Pico Power

Pico Power is the technolgy that makes our devices so power efficient. A proprietary power-aware operating system with focus on sophisticated, ubiquitous power managment and a special hardware design result in a device that consumes almost no power if no action needs to be taken. A sensor subsystem based on newest sensor techology guarantees that no important event is missed.

Intelligent Devices

The second key of a long battery lifetime is reducing the information that is reported by the device as communication is comsuming a lot of energy. So instead of a simple dumb device that continuously reports information that is not required our intelligent devices filter information and report important events only.

Energy and Battery Life Estimator

Try it yourself and get an insight which minimum battery-life time you can expect using CargoObserver products for your application! Pay attention however that these model is only a simplified model of lifetime estimation, for a more precise estimation please contact the experts of CargoMon.