Better visibility of your assets is a key benefit to all stakeholders in the supply chain and CargoMon can help you making not only visible realtime location but also monitoring the transport quality of the goods itself.

From intermodal trailers or chassis tracking to full container monitoring solutions inlcusive sensor monitoring – our CargoObserver product Family consisting of a variety of different devices helps you finding a specific product for a dedicated application.

Permanent control of transport, users can better manage their transport assets, reduce operating, increase fleet utilization, improve regulatory and customer compliance, and identify priority issues for rapid response.


Intelligent wagons are the future in railway logistics. Sensors can be used for both, monitoring the state and maintenance requirements of the wagon itself (mileage i.e. number of kilometers traveled, shock, …) and for documenting the quality of the transport (timeliness, vibrations and shock, temperature, …).

Cargomon system’s proven solution for railway wagons offers a large number of high quality services while keeping the installation process simple.

Because of its energy efficiency the CargoObserver devices of Cargomon Systems have the same long-term maintainance intervals as the wagons themselfs. So a cost effective operation of Caromon System’s railway wagon monitorig solution is guaranteed.

In large scale installations that are expected to run for decades future-proof interoperability is a primary requirement. Cargomon System has joined the ITSS standardisation group that defines the interfaces for wagon monitoring devices. This guarantees that our CargoObserver Rail products are already now ITSS Ready and will adopt these standards in the near future.


Industries that undertake transports of sensitive and often also expensive goods are highly interested in a reliable and detailed monitoring of the parameters of the transport for a multitude of reasons:it is required by law


Safety is second to none when highly combustible or even explosive oil, gas, and chemical products are handeled and transported. This starts at the filling stations and includes the whole process of transportation. Nevertheless monitoring the transport of such products is important in many ways: Protection against theft, supply chain management, quality monitoring of transportation service, idle time minimization of filling stations and tankers, to name a few. And finally no ATEX/IECEx cabling required!