Rail Cargo Group is well advanced in fleet equipment at the end of 2019

Rail Cargo Group is well advanced in fleet equipment at the end of 2019


CargoMon has started rolling out its equipment for the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) in the summer of 2019 and has already delivered most of the equipment required. The goal will be now to finish rollout of the freight wagon fleet by the first half of 2020.
We are proud to implement this important railway digitization project and continue to support digitization with novel sensors that will be introduced to market right now.

It is the first of its kind, explore the new CargoSense product line



New product:
From simple loading status detection to overload detection, the new CargoSense product family makes it possible!

CargoSense is a family of small self-powered wireless sensors that detect different states on the car and report them to the telematics main unit.
CargoSense Weight and CargoSense Displays consist of a sensor and a display, which for the first time cost-effectively detect the loading condition and the weight and a possible overcrowding of a freight car in real time. And with up to 12 years of battery life – world record!

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Austrian Railway starts with CargoObserver Device Rollout

CargoMon has started delivering its devices to Austrian Railway! Goal is the equipment of its full large fleet of rail cars in the next twelve to eighteen month. We are proud to have won this important railway digitalisation project together with A1 Telekom providing a leading overall solution.