Example Oil Tanker Monitoring:

Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the world relies on the EX certified solutions from CargoMon!

Monitoring Goals:

  1. reduction of accidents on road and on site to diminish human and goods damages and losses
  2. achieve reduction of fuel theft and fuel tank contamination, where fuel has been replaced by water
  3. improvement of fleet management – improve degree of capacity utilization

CargoObserver-Ex-Solar-Sensor as Solution, providing:

Tank fuel level Monitoring with external fuel level sensor

  • Real-time detection of theft of oil/gasoline in tank
  • Detection of liquid replacement (i.e. water instead of oil) to compensate for fill level change

-> Detection of a separation layer in tank to avoid tank contamination

Driver monitoring to increase safety

  • Road dependent speed limit exceedance
  • Sharp turn detection (tilting danger)
  • Sharp break detection (danger of trailer pull out or break down)

Route monitoring and asset management

  • Detection of unexpected movements or truck leaving predefined routes
  • Improved asset management (utilization level in order to ie. decrease fleet)


Example for Global Sea Transport:

Dry and Reefer Container Monitoring with CargoObserver-Track&Sense.

DHL Ocean Sea Freight monitors temperature and humidity of high value and temperature critical goods.


  • Realtime Temperature Logging inside the reefer container
  • Monitoring of Door status
  • Realtime Alarm transmissions when temperature thresholds are exceeded
  • Geofencing notifications of port arrival and leave

DHL customers get access to CargoObserver Webportal application and can themslves monitor the status of the goods and automatically obtain Email alerts when configurable alarmsthresholds have been exceeded.


Example Intermodal: Container und Trailer Monitoring

Container and Trailer Location informations is updated every hour during movement and directly sent to the customers IT for further processing


  • Just-In-Time Delivery at Terminals
  • Precise Information for better Planning when real Arrival times are known in advance
  • Faster finding of parked units
  • Immediate intervention at theft or when object has left a Geofencing zone
  • Asset Management -> Reduction of total assets
  • Utilisation Management (Time in Moving / Stop)
  • Optimisation of geografical distribution of Assets
  • More precise Billing

Example railway transport monitoring of steel coils:

Full monitoring of freight cars at LogServ bring sustainable benefits!

The VOEST Alpine Steel Group monitors the Europe wide transport of steel coils with the CargoObserver system over its logistics company LogServ.


  • delivery of flat steel-coil by rail amounts to several million tons
  • for this shipping tens of thousands of wagons per annum loaded and circulated
  • the average wagon turnaround time is about a week or much longer, there are intricate triangular traffics
  • monitoring of these transports is only very limited ,as information is only available from dedicated point of some tracks

CargoObserver as a solution:
Full monitoring of Shimms wagons with the energy-self-sufficient CargoObserver solution.
By the simultaneous monitoring of position, vibration, humidity and temperature, as the only supplier CargoMon could offer a comprehensive monitoring solution to the customer.

Achieved long-term benefits:

  • reducing wagon turnaround times
  • improvement of processes
  • Faster intervention in delays
  • lowering the damage costs